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Husband Murdered By Supari Killers Over Wife’s Affair

In a recent case, Bengaluru has presented a bizarre incident where a woman hired eight members of a “supari killers” to murder her 35-year-old husband.

Woman Pays 5 Lakhs To Murder Husband

As per the police, the woman along with her lover and eight members of contract killers (supari killer) were arrested on Thursday. The woman hired them to plan and murder her 35 years old husband. Her husband was a real-estate businessman.

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The police also said that the woman and her lover paid the supari killers an amount of Rs 5 lakhs to kill the husband. The gang is headed by Tabrez Pasha also known as Tabbu aka Double. They added that the most interesting part of the case is the fact that the amount paid was recovered from the deceased Mohammed Shafi.

The arrested people have been identified as Afsar Khan (41), Pasha (26), Venkatesh (19), Bharat (18), Tasleem Banu (29), Ibrahim (19), Syed Wasim (26), Chetan (19) and a minor. Wife Requests Lover To Eliminate Husband

The police further added that the realtor Afsar Khan was in love with Tasleem Banu who was already married. She married Shafi a few years ago and was in a happy marriage until she met Afsar Khan who is a family friend. Banu wanted to eliminate her husband whom she thought was a problem in her marriage.

Both Afsar and Banu met at a marriage ceremony of a common relative two years ago. Soon after, Banu requested Afsar to eliminate the husband. Following this, Khan persuaded Shafi to invest in a land valued around Rs 70 lakh and promised an immediate of Rs 5 lakh. After the investment, Shafi asked multiple times about the commission. But Khan kept giving excuses to him.

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The police said that after some time, Khan invites Shafi to collect his commission in a timber yard where the gang members were already planted to murder him on March 19. After his death, Shafi’s father Arif lodged a complaint with the police and revealed Banu’s hand in the case.

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