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Hyderabad began to be destroyed after KCR became CM: Revanth Reddy

The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president A Revanth Reddy claimed on Monday that the government of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao committed a major fraud by scrapping the GO 111. The party chief told the press at the party’s headquarters, Gadhi Bhavan, that scrapping the GO 111 would be disastrous for Hyderabad. He warned that the city would wash away and that the ecosystem in the lands wrapped by GO 111 would be destroyed.

Revanth went as far as to say that the destruction of Hyderabad began after KCR became Chief Minister. KTR was instrumental in the formation of a real estate mafia. GO 111’s abolition was part of the realty mafia’s attempt to destroy the city.

All of the ponds in Hyderabad have already vanished, causing serious environmental problems. Revanth Reddy announced that the Congress Party will form a Fact Finding Committee to investigate the matter. This committee will visit the villages under GO 111 to assess the current situation, consult with environmentalists, and prepare a comprehensive report. Based on that, the Congress will announce the next steps in the cancellation of GO 111.

He demanded that the land transactions that occurred after KCR took power be made public. Revanth claimed that Krishna waters arrived in Hyderabad thanks to the efforts of the Congress party, which addressed the drinking water crisis. The waters of the Godavari River were also brought to the city for drinking purposes. Leaders such as KTR, Kavitha, Harish Rao, Damodar Rao and Ranjith Reddy have farm houses in the 111 project area.

After 2019, BRS leaders purchased a large amount of land in this area. As a result, he claimed, 80 percent of the land in that area has passed into the hands of KCR’s relatives and benami.

Revanth Reddy stated it is critical to understand the historical context of GO 111 prior to its cancellation. The State government passed GO 111 in 1996 to protect the twin reservoirs as construction and industrial activity increased. As part of the conservation of Usmansagar and Himayatsagar, the government issued GO 111 on March 8, 1996, prohibiting any construction in an area of ten km radius.






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