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Hyderabad cop caught while accepting Rs 3 lakh bribe

A police inspector in Hyderabad was apprehended by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) while accepting a bribe of Rs 3 lakh. Ch. Sudhakar, Inspector of Police at the Economic Offences Wing of Central Crime Station, Hyderabad, was caught red-handed during the operation.

The ACB reported that Sudhakar had demanded a bribe of Rs 5 lakh from the complainant in exchange for a favorable outcome in an ongoing investigation against him. During the operation, ACB officials intervened and captured Sudhakar while he was accepting Rs 3 lakh of the agreed amount.

Upon realizing the presence of ACB personnel, the inspector attempted to flee but was pursued and apprehended by the anti-corruption team. It was disclosed that Sudhakar had initially demanded Rs 15 lakh and had previously accepted Rs 5 lakh as part of the bribe.

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The ACB has initiated further actions in the case following the apprehension of the accused police official.

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