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Hyderabad Liberation Day rhetoric is just a ‘Litany of lies’

“Whatever the narratives being divulged, written or propagated today about the history of Hyderabad is just a litany of lies. The rhetoric about the history of Hyderabad being telecasted by some regional channels are false narratives,” asserted Captain L.Pandu Ranga Reddy.

While addressing the gathering in Hyderabad on the sideline of controversial Hyderabad Liberation Day being claimed and celebrated by the fringe groups, the Captain L.Pandu Ranga Reddy said, “I don’t know what they meant about ‘liberation’ when they used to say that Hyderabad was liberated, he said adding that “What I actually know is that the Hyderabad was not liberated, but plundered of wealth by the then Indian Army, General Chowdhary and the Vellodi.”

“How can anyone say that Prince Nizam was a foreigner? He was not a foreign. He was the king and was born and brought up in Hyderabad. It sounds good if one can say that India got liberated from British colonialism but this cannot be applied to Nizam who was born in Hyderabad and resting in peace in his own homeland. He and his family lineage carry a history of dominance over Hyderabad dating back to 600 years,” asserted Reddy.

Recalling the Judgment of the London High Court in the year 2019 wherein it was clearly mentioned that “Hyderabad was an Independent country till January 26, 1950, he said, “How can a section of society claim that Hyderabad was liberated using an unrealistic illusion. How many lies can one spell out to distort history?”

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Dragging attention towards another distorting point of the history regarding Operation Polo, he said, “Police action is not an Operation Polo as being reported by a section of media. It is Operation Caterpillar, a military campaign that started against Razakars and the Communists.

Blaming communists for the pogrom unleashed on the Muslims of Hyderabad during the Operation Polo campaign, he said, it is the communists who brought blood bath to Hyderabad with their divisive designs.

Referring to the Sunderlal Commission report, Captain L.Pandu Ranga Reddy said, “More than 1.2 lakh Muslims were slaughtered Particularly in Aurangabad, Beed, Parbhani and Gulbarga areas of erstwhile state of Hyderabad. Scores of Women were raped, young girls were deflowered but no one utter a word about the tragic incidents of those harrowing days.

“September 17, should be remembered as ‘Holocaust Day’ instead of ‘Libration Day’ as the sovereign country was sacked, men were butchered while scores of women were raped,” he claimed.

Demanding the government of India to render an apology for the holocaust committed in Hyderabad on September 17, he said, “When the British government placed an apology before Indians for orchestrating pogrom in Jalllianwala Bagh and Congress rendered an apology to Sikh community for carrying out bloodshed during Operation Blue Star at Amritsar, then what is wrong in Government of India extended the same to Muslims for the atrocities unleashed on the peace-loving and magnanimous populace of Hyderabad.”