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Hyderabad Man Accused of Murdering Lover and Allegations of Father’s Murder Surface

Hyderabad: Police in Telangana are looking into allegations that a man suspected of stabbing his lover’s brother to death and injured her had killed his father a few years ago.

K. Shiva Kumar, the accused, comes from Kondurg village in the Rangareddy district. According to several people, he killed his father, Shankar, by attacking him with a hammer. However, this tragedy was apparently staged in 2019 to appear to be a natural death.

The alleged dispute that resulted in the father’s murder arose from Shiva Kumar’s desire to pursue a career in movies after completing his education. It was alleged that Shankar’s family and locals kept the facts of his death quiet for fear of losing their only son.

Following his dream of being an actor, Shiva Kumar played a villain in a Tamil film, with some action scenes from the film appearing on social media. He moved to Hyderabad to prepare for a police recruitment exam after failing to establish himself in the film industry.

Shiva Kumar was recently arrested after breaking into a house in Hyderabad and assaulting G. Sanghavi, a medical student who had refused his approaches. G. Prudhvi Goud (23), her brother, intervened to protect her and was fatally stabbed by Shiva Kumar.

Sanghavi, who had many stab wounds, was taken to the hospital for treatment. The incident occurred in RTC Colony, where the siblings were renting a house.The police investigation is still underway, and they are looking into Shiva Kumar’s criminal history as well as the allegations of his father’s murder. Shiva Kumar is charged with murder and attempted murder in connection with the latest event.


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