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Hyderabad ranks third safest metro city in India

Among all the metro cities in the country, Hyderabad has ranked as the third safest. Kolkata and Pune ranked first and second on the list of safest cities.

Hyderabad had 2599 crimes per million population in 2021, while Delhi had 18596 crimes per million population, according to the latest reports from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

As of 2021, there were 1034 and 2568 crimes per million population in Kolkata and Pune, respectively.

Kolkata had 45 murder cases in 2021, Hyderabad had 98, Bangalore had 152, Delhi had 454 and Mumbai had 162. In the same year, 135 murder attempts occurred in Kolkata, 192 in Hyderabad, 371 in Bangalore, 752 in Delhi, and 349 in Mumbai.

Based on data related to rape incidents, 11 cases were reported in Kolkata, 116 in Hyderabad, 117 in Bangalore, 1,226 in Delhi, and 364 in Mumbai.

Telangana formation

During Telangana’s formation in 2014, it was predicted that the state would face law and order issues. Several politicians also predicted Telangana would become dominated by Naxals.

In eight years, it has not only proven to be one of the safest cities in the country but also attracted investments by reducing crime.

Hyderabad has the lowest crime rate among southern metro cities, and Bangalore is ranked fifth among the safest cities, with 4,272 crimes per million population.

Hyderabad has remained the safest city due to a series of initiatives undertaken by the State government, led by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, to effectively maintain law and order in the State since Telangana’s formation in 2014.

After taking power in 2014, the TRS government prioritized law and order and provided the department with the necessary infrastructure, including new patrol vehicles. The state government has also increased the amount spent on stationery, including white papers, for each police station, according to officials.




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