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Hyderabad water board prepares for upcoming monsoon season

Even as the summer passes without issues in terms of drinking water supply, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) is preparing for the monsoon season.

The water body is taking precautionary measures ahead of the monsoon season, which is expected to begin in the first half of June, to ensure the quality of drinking water supply is effectively maintained during the rains.

The precautionary measures, according to HMWS&SB officials, were designed to ensure that the drinking water supplied to households contains appropriate levels of residual chlorine – 0.5 parts per million (ppm) – even during heavy rains.

The chlorine analysers installed at the outlets of service reservoirs are being inspected as part of this exercise, and over 6 lakh chlorine tablets will be purchased for distribution in the slums.

HMWS&SB officials stated that additional staff will be deployed exclusively to monitor the three-step chlorination process in order to avoid water pollution during the monsoon.

“To make sure water is not contaminated/polluted, we have adopted a three-step chlorination process and additional staff will be deployed to dedicatedly monitor the entire process during intense spells of rain and monsoon,” said an official.

The first phase of this three-step chlorination process involves chlorination at the water treatment plants (WTP), the second phase involves chlorination at the Main Balancing Reservoirs (MBR), and the final phase involves booster chlorination at the service reservoir.

With the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) prohibiting road cutting due to monsoon, identifying pollution sources in water lines has proven difficult while resolving water pollution complaints.

To address this, the HMWS&SB will deploy personnel equipped with specialized equipment in response to water pollution complaints and in vulnerable areas. This equipment does not require road excavation, and it works by sending a camera into water lines to assess the condition of the pipes.

6 Monsoon Safety Teams to be dispatched

During the monsoon, 16 HMWS&SB Monsoon Safety Teams will be deployed around the clock. Each team of five people will carry out rain relief operations in special vehicles outfitted with a dewatering motor, a generator, and the necessary equipment.

In addition to the HMWS&SB monsoon teams, six Safety Protocol Teams (SPTs) will be deployed throughout the city to inspect work on water pipelines, sewerage lines, manhole cleaning, and the installation of Sewage Treatment Plans (STPs), among other things. They will also be in charge of inspecting the work done in the city and ensuring that safety precautions are taken on the job site, such as the installation of barricades, lighting, and radium indicators.

“HMWS&SB staff will go around the localities to check for open manholes and also to replace damaged manhole covers with new ones,” said an HMWS&SB official.






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