Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Hyderabad witnessed 19.9 MM rainfall since morning. Maredpally tops the list

Amid copious showers, the Hyderabad district witnessed 19.9 millimeters of rain since Tuesday morning with 485 percent deviation. The Maredpally mandal stood top among all the 16 mandals of the district with 62.0 mm showers followed by Secunderabad and Himayatnagar where rainfall was recorded 31.8 mm and 27.3 mm respectively during the same period.

According to reports from all other mandals in the Hyderabad district where the Automated Weather Stations (AWSs) are located, Shaikpet received 15.6 mm, Ameerpet 17.1 mm, Secunderabad 31.8 mm, Tirumalagiri   16.3 mm, Marredpally 62.0 mm, Musheerabad 20.7 mm, Amberpet 3.4 mm, Himayatnagar 27.3 mm, Nampally 14.7 mm, Khairatabad 22.2 mm, Asifnagar 15.9 mm, Golkonda 13.2 mm, Bahadurpura 14.2 mm, Bandlaguda 21.0 mm, Charminar 18.8 and Saidabad 4.5mm.

With 19.9 mm showers since morning, the Hyderabad district recorded 485 percent deviation while communatively it received 478.9 mm actual and 283.4 mm normal rainfall during the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the entire Telangana state has received 8.9 mm rainfall during the last 24 hours with Maldakal mandal in Jogulamba Gadwal district has emerged top among all the districts with 91.4 mm rain being recorded during the same period.

Likewise, 82.7 mm rains was recorded in Marriguda mandal of Nalgonda district followed by 70.7 mm each in Ghattu mandal and Alampur mandal in Jogulamba Gadwal district, 69.8 mm in Warangal, 67.4 in Waddepalle in Jogulamba Gadwal district, 67.3 in Rajoli of Jogulamba Gadwal district and 65.8 in Amangal of Rangareddy district.

It was also reported that moderate rainfall from 15.6 to 64.4 mm was recorded in all over the state except few places like Kamareddy, Nizamabad and Mancherial districts.

Meanwhile, the Hyderabad district is still witnessing showers with intervals. Fluctuation in intensity is being expected in different mandals of the district. The areas which received showers on Monday appeared a bit quiet on Tuesday while those show-up low intensity showers a day earlier might take a lead by Tuesday night. It was predicted that frequent rains would continue to lash the district for another few days.