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Hyderabad Wrestling Competition Erupts into Brawl

Hyderabad: In Hyderabad’s LB Stadium, a wrestling competition turned chaotic as two groups of wrestlers clashed. The altercation occurred on Friday night and was captured on video, spreading rapidly on social media.

Wrestlers from different “akharas” were participating in the Modi Kesari wrestling competition when a dispute between two competitors escalated. Supporters of the wrestlers engaged in physical altercations and even hurled chairs at each other during the brawl. The feuding groups were reportedly associated with Zafar Pehlwan and Salam Bin Yousuf Pehlwan from the old city.

The clash resulted in injuries to ten individuals from both factions, including Ali Bin Yousuf Pehlwan. The incident created panic among spectators, leading to a chaotic scene in the LB Stadium.

Prompt Hyderabad police intervention helped restore order, and the injured parties were promptly taken to the hospital. The police have filed cases against both groups and initiated an investigation.

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