Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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“I don’t want to be judged by my religion”: Babil khan

While India was built on the foundation principles of secularism, some people are still oppressing others on the basis of their religion. Babil Khan, son of the late legendary actor, Irrfan Khan, recently took to his Instagram stories to speak up against the hideous messages he receives as he belongs to a certain religion.

It started when the young man posted tweets from SaketGokhale, an activist as his Instagram story. These mentioned that as all religious congregational activities and events are banned, and if they continue to remain banned in Unlock 3 (which is a fact now), the groundbreaking ceremony of Ayodhya’s Ram temple would be regarded as an illegal affair.

The tweet read as, “I’m 100% confident that in the upcoming Unlock 3.0 guidelines on 31st July, Home Ministry will announce exemptions for religious gatherings. If they don’t, the Ram Mandir event in Ayodhya is against the law. If they do exempt in the middle of a pandemic, it’ll be challenged.”

He further said that however, Muslims aren’t allowed to gather for their upcoming festival Eid on accounts of the ban.

“And there are lovely grounds here. Gatherings aren’t allowed for Eid which falls on 31st. If MHA issues guidelines on the same evening for exempting religious gatherings (while not allowing for Eid), it’s a violation of Articles 14 & 25 of the Indian Constitution. Your turn, Shah.”

Babil’s stories raged some users with his team also suggesting him to take down the posts as they had the potential to “end his career.” His next stories spoke about how he was being judged in his own country because of his religion. He expressed his fear due to the same, however clarifying that he wants to be dealt with as an equal citizen of India as any other person.

“Can’t even post anything about how I feel about the people in power without my whole f**king team telling me that it might end my career. I am scared, I am afraid. I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be judged by my religion. I am not my religion, I am a human being, just like the rest of India,” he wrote.

“Mandatory holiday for Eid canceled on Friday while holiday for RakshaBandhan on Monday still given. Okay then no problem, I’ll just celebrate Eid when it’s noted on Saturday,” Babil added.

He also spoke about the messages he would possibly be receiving from users asking him to “go back to Pakistan”, further calling him an “anti-national”, which is the usual case with people who try to practice their right to speech. He expressed his love for his motherland and the little moments of joy he has here.

“Waiting for the ‘toh Pakistan Janaphir you anti-nationalist’ comments like…. First of all, I love India, and I’m telling you this because I do my education in London and every time I go, I can’t wait to come back and take rickshaw rides with my hernias, have panipuri at Aksa beach, travel anywhere; in the forests, the crowds… I love India. Don’t you dare, call me an anti-nationalist, I promise you, I’m a boxer, I will break your nose,” he wrote.

He also mentioned how he lost many friends because of his religion, many of whom he played with during his childhood.

After posting this, Babil shared the comments he received. One was from a user who supported Babil and spoke about a secular India where people from all religions could live without bringing the debates of “mandir banegaya masjid”. Another comment uploaded by Babil had a man spewing regarding the negative mindset and use of words arguing that on Eid “thousands” of people gather at a place, while the Ram mandir’s ceremony required the attendance of 200. Babil dealt with the troll in a calm manner, starting his sentence with words like, “meri jaan, mere bhai.”