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IMD issues yellow alert as rain expected today in Hyderabad

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a yellow alert for rainfall in Hyderabad today. The city’s residents awoke to a cloudy sky this morning.

Thunderstorms and lightning are expected in the city, according to the weather forecast. The alert is not limited to Hyderabad. It is applicable throughout the state of Telangana.

Despite the predicted rain, the maximum temperature in Hyderabad is expected to be between 36 and 40 degrees Celsius. The rain might give some relief from the sweltering heat.

Yesterday, the city experienced scorching temperatures ranging from 36.7 to 40.7 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature in Bahadurpura was 36.7 degrees Celsius, while Tirumalagiri reached 40.7 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in Tirumalagiri, Shaikpet, Khairatabad, Maredpally, and Bandlaguda exceeded 40 degrees Celsius, making it a difficult time for residents.

With the impending rain, Hyderabad residents can look forward to a brief respite from the summer heat.

Khairatabad emerges as hottest area

According to a report by the Telangana State Development Planning Society (TSDPS), Khairatabad has emerged as the hottest area among the city’s various localities. Aside from Khairatabad, eight other areas in Hyderabad experienced a heatwave with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. These areas are as follows:

  • Khairtabad (42.5 degrees Celsius)
  • Charminar (41.1 degrees Celsius)
  • Nampally (40.7 degrees Celsius)
  • Bandlaguda (40.3 degrees Celsius)
  • Himayatnagar (40.3 degrees Celsius)
  • Musheerabad (40.3 degrees Celsius)
  • Asifnagar (40.3 degrees Celsius)
  • Saidabad (40.3 degrees Celsius)
  • Shaikpet (40.2 degrees Celsius)

The heatwave is not just confined to Hyderabad. Many other Telangana districts are also experiencing extreme summer heat.

The rising mercury levels, which have begun to consistently exceed 40 degrees Celsius in Hyderabad and surrounding areas, have increased the risk of heat strokes, skin allergies, and water-borne illnesses. During peak summer, modern food consumption patterns expose people to contaminated food and water, resulting in water and food-borne illnesses.

Aside from that, rising temperatures cause Heat-Related Illnesses (HRI), which include a wide range of disorders from muscle cramps to heat exhaustion and life-threatening emergencies like heat stroke.






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