Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Indians Invest 7 hrs a Week on Mobile Games, Women are Fast Adopting Mobile Gaming

New Delhi: Indians are currently investing around 7 hours in a week on playing video games on their mobiles and the length has increased among the majority (53 percent) since the lockdown started early this year and women are fast adopting mobile gaming in the nation, another report said on Tuesday.

Notably, 15 percent of the gamers changed to paid mobile gaming applications during the lockdown while freemium gaming applications increased by 8 percent.

As per the (CMR) CyberMedia Research report, mobile gaming has increased amongst three in every five serious gamers, with four hours being the average span of increase since the lockdown started in the nation.

While women play mobile games for the most part in the late nights (28 percent), men play mobile games generally in the evening (33 percent).

Indian men generally play first-person shooters (63 percent)and action/adventure (71 percent) games on their mobile phones. The ‘Call of Duty Mobile’ and the ‘Garena Free Fire’ are famous first-person shooter games.

Among women, the most famous sort of game is puzzles games (65 percent), trailed by multiplayer gamers (56 percent).

Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group, CMR stated, “Mobile gaming in India is driven by an array of gamer personas, ranging from the serious to the hyper-casual gamers. They differ from each other in terms of the time spent, the genres played, the places played at, and most importantly, their outlook to mobile gaming.”

Six out of 10 serious gamers will in general buy gaming applications, while others will in general utilize freemium applications. Among women, four in every nine users buy a gaming application.

He continued, “Across the board, 3 in every 5 gamers consider that mobile gaming enabled them in overcoming social isolation throughout the lockdown period”.

Indians will in general play mobile games based on family and friend suggestions.

On average, Indians have seven games downloaded on their mobile phones. Of these, there are at least four games they play every day.

Amit Sharma, Analyst-Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR stated, “Among mobile gamers, the top three pain points include phone heating, fast battery discharge and slow network. Going forward, mobile gamers expect more from their smartphones: more RAM, better battery life, increased storage and powerful SoCs.”

MediaTek (61 percent) and Qualcomm (65 percent) are the main two brands that Indian gamers know about.

The report that covered 1,124 mobile gamers in the 16-35 age group stated, “However, it is fascinating to note that more serious gamers show a preference for MediaTek (68 percent) than Qualcomm (66 percent).”




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