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Internal Conflicts Plague Telangana BJP as State Assembly Elections Approach

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is now embroiled in internal battles, causing confusion within the party as the State Assembly elections near.

The dispute between BJP State Chief Bandi Sanjay and Huzurabad MLA Eatala Rajender, who also chairs the BJP Joining & Coordination Committee, shows no signs of ending. A verbal spat has also broken out between BJP national executive member Vijayashanthi and Eatala. Vijayashanthi has accused the party MLA of engaging in anti-party activities, citing his position in the Joining Committee in particular.

Vijayashanthi recently questioned Eatala’s media announcement in which he declared his decision to discontinue the process of inducting leaders from opposing parties. She questioned whether the successes in the Dubbaka, GHMC, and MLC elections could be attributable primarily to the Joining Committee’s efforts. Vijayashanthi emphasised that the BJP’s win was due to the sacrifices made by party activists and dedicated followers, while criticising Eatala’s purported anti-BJP effort disguised as the Joining Committee.
When Eatala suggested that all parties, including the BJP, had secret contacts with KCR, tensions between the two leaders erupted. Vijayashanthi urged that he reveal the identities of BJP members involved in such covert activities. This exchange widened their schism even more.

According to party sources, the internal infighting in the State BJP, which is divided between natives and migrants, has recently worsened. Rajendar’s alleged bid for the top leadership position, which would have replaced incumbent Bandi Sanjay, has been met with stiff opposition inside the party. Senior BJP officials have put aside their differences to back Sanjay.

Following the BJP’s setback in Karnataka, internal squabbles within the Telangana BJP have flared up, with leaders openly criticising one another. There have also been allegations of “dissident” BJP members thinking about joining the Congress party. The State BJP currently appears split, with no cohesive leadership to drive the party forward.



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