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Iraqi PM Unharmed In Attack On Official Residence; Military Confirms

In a recent assassination attempt carried out by a drone targeting the official resident of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi was reported to be unharmed by the miliary on Sunday.

PM Escaped The Attack Unhurt

The media office of the Iraqi Joint Operations Command released a statement after the attack. They said that an unknown drone bomb hit al-Kadhimi’s residency at the dawn in the heavily fortified Green Zone in the centre of the capital. However, the Prime Minister was able to espace the attack unhurt.

The media office informed that the PM did not suffer any harm and he is in good health. However, the iraqi security forces did not give all the details, but they informed that all the necessary measures will be taken towards the assassination attempt.

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Al-Kadhimi via his official twitter page sida that the rockets of treason will not shake the “steadfastness and determination” of their heroic security forces to preserve the security of the people and enforce the law.

Two Protestors Killed

The attempted assassination followed the protests against the results of the elections conducted last month. The protests on Friday turned into a clash with the security forces outside the green zone. It houses some of the important govermment offices and foreign embassies.

Two protestors were killed during the clash. Meanwhile, dozens of protestors and security members were wounded.

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The Sadrist Movement, led by prominent Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr took over the government after the parliamentary elections on October 10. They lead by more than 70 seats. However, the opposition, the al-Fatah (Conquest) Coalition won 17 seats as compared to the 47 seats in the 2018 elections.

The political parties were left unsatisfied with the results and said that the elections were rigged and would not accept the results.