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Is CM Biswa Sarma moving a step ahead in turning Assam into a Hindu Rashtra?

While the Central BJP leadership especially the PM Modi is urging the party leaders to bring the Muslim community closer to the party and even introducing several programs to woo the Muslim voters throughout the country, the saffron leaders like Hemanta Baswa Sarma – the loud mouth Chief Minister of Assam is playing a spoilsport with his series of hateful yokes against the Muslims and their institutions.

It appears that Hemanta Sarma wants to hijack Hindutva by turning Assam into a Hindu Rashtra even before UP, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka emulate the same.

In a fresh development that stir-up an outrage among the Muslims, the Chief Minister of Assam Hemanta Biswa Sarma said, “He is finding ways to shut all the Madrasas – Muslim institutions where Islamic religious literature is being taught to the Muslim children, in his state.”

Recalling a debate over a television channel, he said, a TV anchor has posed a question to me saying that you have closed down 600 Madrasas in your state. What is your true intention behind closing down such institutions where Muslim students were taught about their sacred scripture?

“I replied to them that, so far, 600 Madrasas were closed down in my state but my intention is to shut all such institutions in future,” Hemant Sarma was heard saying this while he was addressing a public meeting in Bangalore on Thursday.

“We don’t need Madrasas. We generally want to produce doctors and engineers with more colleges and universities in our state. New India doesn’t need Madrasas, it only demands new colleges and universities to flourish,” he said.

He further said that I belong to a bordering state of Assam which is facing a regular challenge of illegal Bangladeshi  migrants who are a threat to our customs and traditions.

Taking a dig at the opposition parties, he said, Congressis and Communists have shown history with twisting and distorting the facts. He even called the Congress party a neo-mughals who oppose construction of Ram Mandir. “In the past Mughals tried to weaken the country and the Congress party following their footsteps. Why do these congress people talk only about Babri Masjid, why not they talk infavour of Ram Mandir,” asked Sarma.

It is pertinent to mention here that it is the same Biswa Sarma who introduced a new law in the year 2020 to regulate the schools. As there are reportedly three thousand registered and unregistered madrasas running in Assam, most people believe that the hidden agenda behind introducing the new law is to target Madrasas in the state where generally poor Muslim students are taught about the Islamic scripture that propagates humanity and mankind all over the globe.