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Is dissent really growing among the Muslims against BRS in Telangana?

Ahead of the proposed general elections in the Telangana state, reports are making rounds that a dissent is growing faster especially among the Muslim community against the BRS party and most surprisingly the minority leaders found upset over the way they are being sidelined in their own party despite the key role they have been played during the statehood movement.

These minority leaders were found venting frustration over their own party simply blaming that the BRS leadership is trying to gain advantage out of Muslim compulsion simply setting at naught to its secular framework.

It is widely believed that the BRS party in the state has turned a complete blind eye towards the welfare of the minorities in order to portray itself as card carrying hindutva ideology more than the BJP who claim to be a flag bearer of saffron mandate.

The pink party is trying to convey a message to the majority community it is not against the Hindutva but the Muslims who the minorities are made to believe that they don’t have any option but to keep on flowing with the BRS party. This, despite the fact that the Muslim community play a decisive role in poll battles and are able to leave a significant impact over the polling outcome in atlest 45 assembly segments in the state.

It is against this background, the minority leaders in the BRS party are planning to expose their own party leadership and their policies before the Muslims during the proposed general elections. With the BRS party turning its back towards the issues concerning Muslims in the state, the sky is clear that the pink party is in no mood to take the Muslims seriously henceforth.

Apart from the minority leaders from BRS Party, the Muslim leaders from other political parties too are of the view that all the political parties are afraid of losing majority votes in the elections if they keep showing a soft corner with the Muslims.

It is said that the worried Muslim leaders have already gave a straight dupe to the senior party leaders having close to leadership saying that they will not allow the leadership to make Muslims leaders as scapegoats and will not play a role of mute  spectators when it comes defend the political right and representation of the Muslim community.