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Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal likely by next week

A ceasefire to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas for release of hostages is likely by the coming week.

According to Israel Defence Ministry officials, discussions are on at a higher level and a ceasefire leading to the release of a batch of women, elderly and sick Israeli hostages from the custody of Hamas will commence soon.

While Hamas has been insisting on a complete withdrawal of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for the next round of ceasefire, Israel had backed out of it in total.

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Several rounds of mediatory talks held at the behest of Qatar, Egypt and the US at Doha, Cairo and Paris seems to be bringing in results.

Sources in the Israel defense ministry told media that Israel side has agreed upon the release of a large number of Palestinians who have been arrested and jailed in Israel in exchange for the hostages in the custody of Hamas.

According to information available after the release of women, sick and elderly civilians in Hamas custody, a second batch of hostages would also be released in which women Israeli soldiers in Hamas custody would be freed.

CIA chief William Burns and Mossad Chief David Burnea were also present in the recent mediatory talks held at Paris and have ironed out certain issues pertaining to ceasefire during their talks with Qatar and Egyptian mediators.

Sources clarified that there could be a one month ceasefire in hostilities but Israel has not agreed for the safe passage of top Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar and Mohammed Deif from Gaza into either Qatar or Turkey.

Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant had clearly stated that the Israel army would smoke out Sinwar from his hideout and would kill him.

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