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Israel Strikes Near Damascus Airport

Syrian media outlets are reporting an alleged Israeli airstrike near the Damascus International Airport. The pro-government Sham FM radio said Syrian air defense is confronting the attack, Times of Israel reported. Syrian media reported that Israel also struck the Aleppo International Airport.

Sham FM radio said damage had been caused to the airport, but there were no injuries, Times of Israel reported. Meanwhile, Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said the military’s strikes in the Gaza Strip are crippling Hamas’ ability to function.

“We are destroying Hamas’ ability to function as a sovereign entity; it is no longer managing to administer Gaza. Hamas is in anarchy and chaos and we need to increase this,” Hagari said while addressing a press conference, Times of Israel reported.

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He said the military would strike everyone involved in the murderous attacks on southern Israel on Saturday. “We are identifying the people who committed the atrocities… they will not have immunity. Whoever gives them shelter is taking on himself and his family a very big risk,” Hagar said.

Hagari also said that IDF has obtained intelligence from the Hamas terrorists whom Israel has arrested in order to carry out new strikes against its assets in the Gaza Strip, Times of Israel reported.

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