Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Jalpally Lake Bridge Road Closure Bring Worries Again for Commuters

Second time during the last two years the interconnecting Jalpally Lake Bridge Road – considered as a short artery to reach Pahadi Shareef area, has been cordoned off by the municipality authorities that increases the suffering of road users intend to reach Pahadi Shreef enclave from far flung areas.

This 2.5 kilometer long interconnecting carriageway from Desi Dhaba to Jalpally Kaman carries a bridge midway dubbed as Jalpally Lake Bridge which said to have been overflowing again following the last spell of rains two weeks ago. Asserting that the bridge area has already claimed two lives last year, the authorities have closed the stretch again few days ago to avoid any fresh incident.

However, despite playing an important role in providing a time saving passage to lakhs of people travelling from far flung areas, the gravel ridden unmetalled road filled with potholes all the way from entry point to exit for several years, failed to get an audience of the authorities.

Instead of making it more convenient passage for the commuters, the authorities have recently blocked the road putting heavy boulders at two locations on the entry point starting from Desi Dhaba forcing the passengers to take a divers route of 2.5 to 3.00 kilometer all the way from Mamidpally cross road only to enter the Pahadishareef area.

Earlier this year in the month of February, the Jalpally authorities were informed that the Bridge road widening works soon to be taken up for construction with a cost of Rs.1.15 crores after the proposal cleared by the municipal council. However, it was now learnt that the proposal was slips from the hands of Jalpally municipality and landed at in the hands of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) who kept hold of it thenceforth.