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Jharkhand: Communal chaos grips Jamshedpur for second time in two weeks

It appears that the Ram Navami related communal flare-ups are not taking a break as incidents of clashes between two communities continues to put the peace and harmony of several states into jeopardy and the fresh one is reported from Jharkhand – a third non-BJP state after Bihar and West Bengal where the communal riots unleashed chaos recently.

According to a report, an alleged desecration of a religious flag led to violent clashes between the two communities in Shastri Nagar area on Sunday. The miscreants pelted stones and set several shops and auto rickshaws on fire. Sensing the enormity, the police fired tear gas to disperse the mobs and imposed prohibitory orders to take the situation into control.

Mobile and internet services were also suspended in the area to prevent the situation from slipping unto further escalation. Additional police and paramilitary forces were deployed in riot hit Shanti Nagar area on Monday morning and conducted a flag march to restore peace in the area.

Later on, the police brought the situation under control,” the Superintendent Police Jamshedpur K.Vijay Shanker said, adding that “Over 55 people from both the communities were taken into custody that include the primary accused Abhay Singh whose supporters created a ruckus in a local police station. Action will be taken against all his supporters. In order to keep an eye on the situation, the police Jamshedpur administration rolled out drones to monitor the area.

It is not out of place to mention here that Sunday’s communal violence is the second such flair-up being reported during the last 12 days. Violent clashes were witnessed at Jugsalai area of Haldipokhar in Jamshedpur on March 31 during a Ram Navami procession.

It is said that the vilification campaign and hateful yokes of some high rank BJP leaders and legislatures against the Muslim community is adding fuel to the already volatile situation in the country.

The fresh incidents of communal violence being reported from Jharkhand on Sunday entrenched the fear that the chaos may grips the other regions too if the noses of the loudmouth leaders were not tightened properly by the respective administrations.