Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Joe Biden Makes American Adults Eligible For Covid Vaccination From April 19

Joe Biden, President of the United States of America recently announced on Tuesday that all adult americans will be eligible for vaccine from April 19, 2021.

Joe Biden Announces New Timetable For Covid Vaccine

As per reports, Joe Biden announced the new timetable after he visited a vaccination site in Alexandria Virginia. He recently moved up the timetable by almost two weeks post the early announcement for May 1. He earlier announced that the states, tribes and territories to make the vaccines available for adults by May 1st.

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He further said that 150 million doses of the Coronavirus vaccine has already been administered and distributed within the first 75 days since he took over the office. He aims to administer the Covid vaccines to 200 million shots by the 100th day of him taking over the office.

Biden also urged the netizens to ensure that the pandemic safety measures must be followed. He said that the country is not “at the finish line yet” and warned that the nation may face more “disease and misery” before July 4 this year.

7 Million Americans Receive Free Covid 19 Healthcare

As per the latest reports, Joe Biden has released the Covid 19 relief plan under the Affordable Care Act.

Under this act, almost seven million americans now have free health insurance.

This comes after the Congress approved Biden’s $1.9 trillion plan for Covid relief plan.

The most noticeable feature is its 628 long pages bill which is made to help the low and middle class families. It includes child care, expanded tax credits, unemployment benefits, and much more.

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However, some have objected to the bill and said that Biden might be spending “too much”.

This comes after Biden promised an extended help of $400 million for the global Covid vaccination programme.

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