Friday, March 5, 2021
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Joe Biden Promises $4 Billion In Global Covid 19 Relief

Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America recently announced a pledge to initiate $2 billion for COVAX. The COVAX is backed by the World Health Organisation to ensure that every part of the world gets ample amounts of Covid 19 vaccines.

Joe Biden Backs Covid 19 Vaccine Distribution Globally

As per a press release by the US Department of State, Biden said that he is announcing a pledge to help Covid 19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) with $2 billion. The US will further be adding another $2 billion to help the initiative to ensure that the vaccines are accessible to everyone in the world. He further urged everyone around the world to help in the same.

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Reports suggest that Joe Biden on Friday spoke to the G7 leaders for the 2021 Virtual Munich Security Conference. In the meeting, he said that his duties for his first presidential term focuses on National Security Memorandum along with the health and humanitarian responses to defeat the Coronavirus. He said that in the near future, they also want to be prepared for the next pandemic.

In his statement, he said that The Transatlantic Alliance is a strong foundation which focuses on the collective security and prosperity of the nations. He then focused on the partnership between Europe and the United States must further be enhanced and get stronger in the 21st century.

Biden then spoke about the NATO Alliance, he said that the United States of America is looking forward to work closely with their European Union partners and other countries in that continent. He said that the US is looking forward to working with countries from Rome to Riga and face the shared challenges together.

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In the meeting, he also urged the US-European allies to fasten up their commitments regarding the climate change crisis globally. He said that this might further lead to “global existential crisis”. He said that countries cannot afford to do only the bare minimum or delay their efforts to address the climate change crisis. Biden said that the pandemic was an example of global cooperation, reforms within the World Health Organization and further bettering the UN system focusing on the biological threats.

Joe Biden Rolls Out $1.9 Trillion For Covid 19 Relief In US

President Joe Biden and the Democratic allies have created a $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package earlier this month. The lawmakers have approved the budget outline in such a manner that the Democrats may go ahead with it even if the Republicans don’t support them.

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Joe Biden said that he is ready to negotiate with the Republicans over the Covid 19 relief package but he won’t be “bogged down” with long negotiations. He said that if he has a choice between helping the Americans who have been hurt so badly and the lengthy negotiations. He is going to choose the hurting Americans to help.

He further said the constant weakness in the job market only prove that there is a need for an aggressive action now more than ever.