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Juveniles stab man 28 times with knife for warning against bike stunts

In a recent horrifying incident, three teenagers were involved in the murder of a 25-year-old man who warned them against performing bike stunts on the street.

According to the police, the murder took place in west Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar. The juveniles allegedly stabbed the man to death after listening to his objections.

The deceased is identified as a resident of Raghubir Nagar, named Manish. The police said that he earned a living by working as a private car driver.

All the accused persons are 17 years old and have been taken into custody in regard to the crime. The police further added on Monday that the incident took place on July 8th.

The entire incident was caught on camera and the video shows one of the teens stabbing the victim repeatedly in a bid to teach him a lesson for raising objections to the bike stunts. One of the boys can be seen stopping the main accused and taking him away, yet he comes back to stab him one last time.

“The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras. In one of the footage, the main accused along with his friends was seen stabbing the victim multiple times on the busy streets of Raghubir Nagar. Even while one of his friends tried to take him away, he rushed back to stab the man again,” a police official said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Deepak Purohit said a case of murder was registered at the Khyala Police Station.

All three juvenile murderers were identified with the help of CCTV cameras and local sources. Although they had fled the area, the police caught them and are now behind bars. The weapon used to kill the victim has been recovered from the teens.

“On July 8, we received information from DDU hospital regarding admission of an unknown person who was declared brought dead. Our staff reached the hospital and found that the man suffered from multiple stab wounds. Later on, he was identified as Manish,” the official said.

Manish had suffered 28 stab wounds with grave injuries on his torso and chest. He sustained other minor injuries on his legs and arms.

While investigating the case, the police found that the main accused teen was fond of bike racing and often performed bike stunts on the roads. He passed through Raghubir Nagar frequently, the area where the Manish resided, riding his bike at a much higher than permitted speed.

According to the DCP, the victim complained about the bike racing and stunts and warned the juveniles against doing so on Raghubir Nagar streets.

However, the teen pad a deaf ear to the objections of the victim and went ahead with his dangerous performances. This led to a fight between the two parties.

Furious with the victim’s words and oppositions, the juvenile thought of a plan to punish him. On July 8th, he brought two knives and after ensuring that Manish was roaming alone on the streets, attacked him with the help of his other two friends, said the police official.

Youngsters of the Gen Z believe bike racing and stunts to be a talent they possess, when infact it’s a ride to death. Moreover, the ever-increasing number of crimes in the country is instilling a fear in the people which is on par with that of coronavirus.