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Kargil Youth Asks Rahul: Will You Free Jailed Muslim Youths?

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was recently on a visit to Ladakh, during which he also visited Kargil, a Muslim-majority region of the Union Territory, where he was asked if his return to power would change the situation for Muslims.. Along with this, the question was asked whether the Muslim youths in jails would be released.

When Rahul Gandhi was meeting the youth in Kargil, a young man asked the Congress leader in English, “We like to be Muslims, it is an identity for us, we like it a lot, and we are also proud of it.” Is. Affiliated with Kargil, we are also very proud to be Muslims.

I am proud too. We are keeping our identity strong. But we have seen many youths in the country jailed for petty crimes, for their speeches, we want to know what you will do to change this situation when you come back to power.

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The young man did not stop there and added, “Now we don’t get any platform to speak our mind. This is one of those stages where we can speak our minds without hesitation. We are afraid to talk about our problems. We do not want to target governments. We don’t want to miss out on government job opportunities. Will you do that when you come back to power?”

In response to this question, Rahul said, “You are right that Muslims are often attacked in India. This (complaint) of yours is also not wrong. But you should also understand that there are constant attacks on other people in India as well.

You see what is happening in Manipur today. Manipur has been continuously burning for the last four months. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi added, “You should not think that only you (Muslim) people are being attacked. Apart from Muslims, this is also happening with other minorities. This is happening with Dalits and Adivasis too.”






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