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Karnataka Girl Hospitalized: Forced School Toilet Cleaning

Bangalore: In a deeply distressing incident that unfolded in Karnataka’s Magadi taluk, a young girl found herself hospitalized after being coerced into cleaning a school toilet using acid. The incident transpired at the Tubinagere Village Primary School, leading to vehement appeals from the parents of the nine-year-old victim, Hemalatha. They are urgently demanding that the education department take stringent actions against the headmaster and teacher held accountable for this shocking act.

The accused individuals, Head Master Siddalingaiah and teacher Basavaraju, reportedly provided the young girl with both acid and bleaching powder, instructing her to undertake the task of cleaning the school toilet.

Upon returning home, Hemalatha complained of severe discomfort and distress. Alarmed and concerned, her parents promptly rushed her to the taluk hospital located in Magadi town.

At the hospital, medical professionals investigated the situation and determined that the young girl had fallen ill due to direct contact with the hazardous acid while cleaning the school toilet. The severity of the incident has led the parents to insist on the immediate suspension of those found guilty.

This alarming incident highlights the crucial need for strict measures to ensure the safety and well-being of students within educational institutions. The parents’ calls for action underscore the importance of enforcing accountability and providing a secure environment for all students, free from any form of harm or exploitation.

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