Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Kavitha came out of ED’s office after 9 hours of questioning. Suspense continue

Suspense and thriller continues over the Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials interrogating MLC K.Kavitha in New Delhi as nine long hours have already passed without any outcome of the interrogation from the ED Office in New Delhi.

It is learnt that the officials have asked Kavitha to handover her mobile phone during the interrogation. Upon reaching the office, the officials ask Kavitha about her mobile phone to which she replies that it was left at her Delhi residence. When the officials insisted she place the same, she asked her staff to bring back the mobile  in haste. Later, the mobile was handed over to the investigating officials. It is learnt that the mobile was finally seized by the officials.

During the questioning, the ED officials reportedly asked Kavitha about the mobile phones she generally used. Kavitha has been accused of destroying atleast 10 mobile phones so far. The matter gained prominence when the ED officials tried to find out the reason behind destroying mobiles during todays’ interrogation. Although it was not known what Kavitha had replied to the question regarding destroyed mobiles, the suspicion grew after the ED officials asked K.Kavitha to bring her mobile to the office.

It is said that the Enforcement officials are closely examining the call data and whatsapp chats made by Kavitha, the daughter of BRS Supremo and Chief Minister K.Chandrashekhar Rao.

It is said that the ED officials placed all the evidence related to Kavitha’s involvement in Delhi Liquor Scam before her while questioning. They accused that two phones and 10 SIM cards were so far changed ever since the liquor scam came to the fore. The officials throw open the mobile data information before Kavitha while cross examining her about several issues.

Meanwhile, it is learned that the first day of questioning of Kavitha ends in nine long hours but the questioning is likely to continue on Sunday as well.

As soon as Kavitha came out of the ED office after nine long hours of interrogation the staff, who were accompanying her to the office of the investigating agency earlier in the morning, kept the vehicles ready to take her back home.

Already the security measures beefed up at the official’s residence of CM KCR in New Delhi to prevent any untoward incident. It is learnt that the BRS cadres have been protesting near Delhi Bhavan since morning blaming the Modi government of witch hunting the BRS leaders to settle scores. It is against this reason the police were put on alert and put to play security arrangements to avoid untoward incidents.