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KCR announced support to Tenant Farmers for the first time. What about Muslims?

It appears that the blessings of Chief Minister K.Chandrashekher Rao continue to shower on other sections of the society barring Muslims in the state. Apart from the farmers in rain affected areas, he announced an economic support to distressed tenant farmers for the first time while visiting the rain hit districts today.

However the Muslim in distress remain deprived of such blessings when it comes to extending financial support especially through Minority Finance Corporation where lakhs of applications are waiting to get approval for four years.

Despite at loggerheads with the centre, the Chief Minister K.Chandrashakher Rao assured the farmers – who suffered heavy loss due to damage done to the crops in recent unseasonal rains, that the state government will pay them Rs.10,000 per acre as compensation. He even announced economic support to tenant farmers for the first time.

The CM’s announcement came after his aerial visit to rain hit areas in Khamman district today. He touched down Ravinuthala and Garlapadu villages and physically witnessed the damaged crops along with senior officials. KCR also interacted with the farmers who suffered heavy losses due to untimely showers.

According to a report, 2,22,250 acres of crops were damaged due to unseasonal rains and hailstorms that went on for four consecutive days from 16-19 March.

The Chief Minister seized this opportunity to target the Center saying that the Telangana government will bear all losses of its own as asking centre for a support tantamount to banging head against the wall.

“We will support the farmers who have lost their crops and they need not to worry about anything. The state government will bail-out farmers on its own but it is a waste to panhandle before the Centre. Even if we ask for support, the centre will not give a hoot to over sufferings. Asking the center to extend a helping hand to distressed farmers of Telangana is like banging your head against the wall,” he said.

Playing down the agricultural policy existing in the country, the CM KCR said “existing policy fails to benefit farmers. The country needs a new Agriculture Policy to safeguard the interest of the farmers and their wellbeing.”

Claiming that the Telangana state is implementing welfare schemes that no other state has so far introduced, the BRS Chief announced that the government will extend support even to tenant farmers which were deprived of any such benefit in the past.

CM KCR to visit Reddy Kunta Thanda of Peddavangara mandal and Adivirangapuram of Duggondi mandal in Mahabubabad district  to ascertain the damages done to crops due to recent rains.