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KCR responds to Amit Shahs Remark on reservations For Muslims

Hyderabad: TRS Chief and Caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today asserted that he had  won every battle that he started and never lost any war and will fight another war in Parliament to get 12 per cent reservations for STs and Minorities in  Telangana.

 Stating that there is a need for Federal Front at national level, he said that the TRS will win 16 MP seats and the MIM will win  Hyderabad MP seat in the next Lok Sabha elections. On coming to power after December  7 Assembly polls, the TRS will achieve 12 per cent reservations for Scheduled Tribes and Minorities from the Centre for Telangana, KCR .

Addressing public meetings at Nizamabad, Armur and other places on Monday, he said that if TRS come to power in the state and achieve 16 MP seats, they can fight with the Centre and get the reservations as they achieved the statehood. KCR said that the TRS will win the mandate of the people in the present  elections.

A survey stated that the TRS will retain power by winning about 103 to 106 seats easily as the people extend complete support to it for welfare.  He appealed to the people to vote for the Car Symbol and support the TRS to come to power.

The TRS chief also took a dig at BJP National President Amit Shah for his campaign in Telangana and  talking  against  reservations based on religion. BJP is smitten with the communal bug and opposing our resolution in favour of reservations for Muslims and STs, he said. Amit Shah got a disease to oppose what we demand to do justice to the minorities and STs The people of the state are intelligent and will not tolerate such useless talks of the BJP leadership,  he said.

We will get adequate MP seats to dictate terms to the center irrespective of the alliance parties. He expressed content at the turnout of about 70,000 people  to the public meetings. This proves that the TRS will win more than 100 seats out of 119 in the elections to be held on Dec 7, he said.

KCR time and again explained to the people as to how the Congress is roping in the TD Chief N Chandrababu Naidu who is trying to stall the irrigation projects. ‘Do we need the supremacy of Naidu in Telangana and can’t we rule ourselves’ he asked. He also tried to convince the gathering that the TD chief was stalling Telangana growth besides meddling in the state issues. Think and vote for the TRS to further the progress and develop all sections, he added.(NSS)