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Kejriwal slams PM Modi’s silence on Manipur violence

During the special session of the Delhi Assembly, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed a series of concerning events across the country. He highlighted the Manipur violence, the protest by women wrestlers, and the violence in Nuh.

Kejriwal said that despite all these pressing issues Prime Minister Narendra Modi has remained silent. BJP MLAs objected to discussing the Manipur violence, asserting that Delhi’s problems should take precedence. Six BJP MLAs were marshaled out and later all eight BJP MLAs sat in protest.

In response, Kejriwal said that the BJP MLAs were echoing the Prime Minister’s detachment from Manipur. “Today Manipur is burning. Two communities are fighting each other, and women are facing inappropriate treatment. If the people of the country continue to fight amongst themselves, how will India become a Vishawa Guru?” Kejriwal asked.

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Kejriwal said that the PM is like a father. “If the father will not protect the daughters, who will,” he said. He said people don’t remember PM for small issues. “They look towards PM when the system fails,” he said.

Kejriwal said that even the European Parliament and the USA discussed the Manipur issue which tarnished India’s image. He said that despite such international attention, the Prime Minister chose not to address the situation.







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