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KGMU transforms 15-yr-old ‘girl’ into ‘boy’

A 15-year-old ‘girl’ completed her journey of being a ‘boy’ when she chopped off her hair and got a new look.

The ‘girl’ became a ‘boy’ with the doctors at the King George’s Medical University (KGMU) performing a sex-change surgery recently.

Prof Vishwajeet Singh, senior faculty in the urology department, who led the surgical team, said: “He was living as a girl since childhood as parents could not understand the ambiguity of the gender. The patient was a boy, but looked like a girl on the basis of outer appearance, which made parents bring him up as a girl.

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“The internal organs and the chromosomes were that of a male. The child cleared the psychological test to convince us for the sex change surgery.”

When the patient contacted doctors two months ago, they first sent him for a psychological examination, which he cleared. The genetic evaluation also supported his cause.

“Take me to a doctor, I am a boy and wish to live as one,” the 15-year-old had emotionally told his parents. Doctors undertook two procedures to realign the patient’s genitals.

“After the operations were successful, the boy went in for a haircut. The transformation has bolstered his confidence,” said Singh.

“We followed all procedures, which were necessary medically and legally, before doing the surgery. The boy has now been called for another procedure for the urine passage.”





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