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KT Rama Rao Raises Concerns Over Razakar Movie Teaser

Telangana’s IT and Industries Minister, K T Rama Rao, has voiced worry about the Razakar movie’s teaser and proclaimed his desire to bring the subject to the censor board’s attention.

He has accused certain BJP members of wanting to provoke communal violence and polarization in Telangana in order to forward their political goal.

The film’s teaser, which says that “India gained independence on August 15, 1947, but Hyderabad did not,” was just released and is set to be distributed in theaters. The film’s goal is to put light on the alleged atrocities done by the Razakars against the people of former Hyderabad.

The Razakars were a paramilitary volunteer group linked with the nationalist party in Nizam’s Hyderabad state. They were founded in 1938 and grew greatly during India’s independence under the leadership of Qasim Razvi. Following the incorporation of Hyderabad into the Indian Union, Qasim Razvi was originally imprisoned before being granted sanctuary in Pakistan.

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