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KTR Challenges Exit Polls, Confident of BRS Victory with Over 70 Seats

BRS Working President KT Rama Rao expressed confidence that the party, led by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar, would secure over 70 seats and return to power in Telangana. Dismissing exit polls, he urged party workers not to be swayed by predictions based on limited samples, emphasizing the unreliability of such surveys in the past.

Rao criticized national media for conducting surveys with a small pool of respondents and highlighted their previous inaccuracies. He challenged the credibility of exit polls, particularly given that people were still queuing up to vote. Rao questioned the wisdom of declaring results prematurely and urged media houses to reconsider the impact on candidates’ morale.

Expressing concern over the Election Commission’s decision to allow exit polls to be aired while voting was ongoing, Rao called for a revision in timings to ensure the results are published only after polling concludes. He asserted that the premature release of exit polls could potentially influence voters and criticized the lack of accountability in correcting inaccuracies.

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Assuring supporters of KCR and the BRS, Rao promised that the party would secure nothing less than 70 seats and form the next government. He urged caution, emphasizing the need to wait for the full numbers to be released before drawing conclusions, and encouraged a thorough analysis after the official results on December 3.

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