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Liquor Reservations to Help Hours, SCs, STs : Srinivas Goud

Excise and Tourism minister V Srinivas Goud today stated that the government of Telangana is offering reservations to Goudas, SCs, and STs to help them do business and develop.

We have lifted some conditions to participate in auction, fees slabs this time to allocate 1864 liquor shops in the open category, he said.

The KCR Government directed the officials to implement reservations to Gouds, SCs, and STs with 15, 10, and 5 percent respectively, he said. As per directions from chief minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao the reservations are getting implemented in giving liquor shops.

The Minister informed press persons that out of 2620 shops we are giving 756 shops to three reserved categories. Srinivas Goud said that the open category will get 1860 shops.  The State Government has lifted some conditions in the process of shops allocations.

He said that the officials conduct auctions and allocate the liquor shops in the presence of district officials. The people can now auction for more than one shop as the norm was lifted he said. The Minister said that fees slabs are increased to 12 from the previous 8.   Application and license fees are the same as last year and only a bank guarantee is required instead of two, Srinivas Goud clarified. The district officials will take up the auction process as decided to allot reservations.  Like no other state Telangana government offers reservations to three categories to develop, he maintained.

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The Minister said that they will take applications for the liquor shops till Nov 18 and allot the same on 20 through the drawing process. He said that the state government will offer 404 new liquor shops this time in addition to 2216 shops existing in the state. He also said that as per selection the officials said that out of 756 shops 363 shops will go to Gouds, 262 for SCs, and 131 for ST categories respectively.

Srinivas Goud informed that while 756 shops are allotted to these categories and 1864 will be in the open category. He said that they will offer liquor shops to people of SC, ST, and Goudas as per reservations decided by the Chief Minister. The new liquor policy will be effective from December 1 and total liquor shops will increase to 2620 in the stat, he said.

Goud said that 30 percent of shops being allotted to Gouds, SCs, and ST categories as said by the government.  The state liquor policy is going to be end by this month-end and the government is coming up with a new liquor policy from December 1. He said that the Chief Minister offers reservations to help three categories to develop in the state.