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Luxury yacht catches fire off Mumbai, one critically scalded

A private luxury yacht caught fire at the Mandwa anchorage off Gateway of India, injuring the vessel’s Master seriously, official sources said here on Saturday.

The Yacht Belvedere, managed by Marine Solutions and owned by Gautama Dutta, was seen burning with thick black smoke billowing from it this afternoon, shocking many people out on weekend sailing trips or picnics to Raigad.

Officials said the Master of the yacht, Dilshad Marne, has sustained critical burn injuries in the blaze – the cause of which is not clear yet – while the vessel has been badly gutted by the flames.

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Efforts are on to shift Marne to a hospital on shore near Mandwa. The fire was reportedly brought under control by the local rescue teams, even as other vessels in the vicinity shot videos of the burning yacht.

The Sea Ray brand yacht is registered with the Maharashtra Maritime Board and operated by Marine Solutions run by the Dutta family comprising Gautama and his father, S. Dutta, a high-ranking former army officer.

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