Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Making history- USA and Israel delegates fly to UAE over Saudi in Israeli flight

In a bid to make the ties more concrete and cementing the ‘normalization’ deal, officials representing the USA and Israel are flying over to UAE in Israel’s plane on Monday. The airplane is heading to Abu Dhabi, passing over Saudi. This is the first time in history when an Israeli plane will fly over Saudi Arabia.

Israel, the country that has allegedly occupied Palestine in an illegal way, had requested Saudi government to grant their plane permission to fly over, which they did.

USA President Donald Trump’s top associates were joined by the similar aides of Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu on the flight to Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE from Tel Aviv. The direct flight’s carrier had the Israeli flag on it along with the word ‘Peace’ written on it in Arabic, English, and Hebrew.

The plane carrying the delegates on board is also named after Kiryat Gat- a Jewish building made by demolishing and wiping out two Palestinian villages named Iraq al-Manshiyya and al-Faluja.

Israel always remains in the news for bombing Palestine and residential regions of Palestinians to claim the country. It has till now bombed the country several times, with a recent record of blasts occurring every day for over a week, leaving it with tons of spilled blood, dead bodies, destroyed homes, and irreversible damage to the lives of the people living there.

However, the UAE, a fellow Arab country to Palestine, stepped forward to normalize Israel and recognize it as a country on August 13th, dumping the relationship Arab countries had with Palestine that is suffering in the clutches of Israel’s illegal occupation.

Palestinians and people around the world were in a state of shock and dismay after the announcement of UAE, a deal which was the first in over 20 years.

Calling it a ‘historic flight’, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and the senior advisor said, “While this is a historic flight, we hope that it will start an even more historic journey in the Middle East and beyond.” He was accompanied by Robert O’Brien, US’s National Security Advisor. Meir Ben-Shabbat, who holds the same position as O’Brien boarded the flight as a representative of Israel.

The delegations will be looking to expand their horizons and receive a mutual cooperation deal in arenas of commerce and tourism. Defense associates of Israel are yet to start for UAE to discuss other terms.

The visit is being hoped for an early date for the signing of the deal. The deal to be made official between Netanyahu and Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, is expected in September.

The ceremony is also being expected as an advantage to Trump for his upcoming re-elections.

Trump’s senior adviser, Kushner, termed the deal between UAE and Israel as a ‘giant step forward’ in Jerusalem on August 30th. He said, “To have played a role in its creation, and I say this as the grandson of two Holocaust survivors, it means more to me and to my family that I can ever express.”

Trump has been persuading the other Arab nations to hold hands with Israel like UAE. Out of them all, Saudi Arabia has hinted at the fact that it isn’t ready as of now to make the commitment.

Kushner’s Israeli counterpart had spoken to the media and said that other Muslim and Arab countries will most probably normalize relations with Israel, although he didn’t take any specific names.

Other Israeli delegates had previously mentioned Oman, Sudan, and Bahrain to soon join the pact. There were reports going around that Morocco too was on its way to recognize Israel. But, putting an end to the rumors, Moroccan Prime Minister SaadEddine el-Othmani in his statement last week said, “We refuse any normalization with the Zionist entity because this emboldens it to go further in breaching the rights of the Palestinian people.”

Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan too had come forward to support Palestine and disregard Israel and its illegal occupations of Palestinian territory. He said, “My conscience will never allow me to recognize Israel. I am answerable to God.”