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Man-eating tiger captured and shifted to Mysuru Zoo

A prowling man-eating tiger that had terrorized the Bandipur region of the district has been captured and shifted to Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens. According to officials, the forest authorities successfully captured the tiger at about 1.45 a.m. on Tuesday near Hediyala village in Nanjangud taluk of Mysuru district.

Authorities explained that the 10-year-old male tiger had come to the spot where it had killed a cow in the wee hours. Sleuths, along with experts, managed to administer an anesthetic drug, and when the big cat became unconscious, it was captured.

It had killed 55-year-old Ratnamma near Balluruhundi in the Hediyala forest range on November 24 and eaten most of her body. Later, it killed a cow in a village, outraging the people who expressed their anger towards the authorities for failing to protect them from tiger attacks.

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The forest department had taken the issue seriously and launched a search operation. They successfully captured the tiger after three days. Cameras were installed at the spot where it had killed the cow and an expert Dr Wasim Jaffer hid in a cage placed at a strategic point to administer the anaesthetic drug.

The authorities used three tamed elephants, Partha, Rohit, and Hiranya, along with drones and trap cameras in the operation. More than 200 personnel carried out the operation, with over 100 tribals also assisting them.

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