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Marriage proposal refused, Irfan killed cousin Nargis with iron rod in park

A girl was beaten to death with a stick in broad daylight today in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. The girl’s name is Nargis. Police recovered Nargis’ body from a park. His body was lying in a bloody state next to a bench in the park.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested the accused Irfan. Who is Irfan and why did he kill Nargis? In this regard, the police has made a shocking revelation.

Police said that Irfan and Nargis knew each other from before. Irfan also used to talk to Nargis. He wanted to marry Nargis but Nargis was not ready for marriage. In this contest he brought the rod with full planning and attacked Nargis on the head. According to the police, Nargis and Irfan are related.

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Meanwhile, the police said that the family of accused Irfan lives in Sangam Vihar area of Delhi. Nargis used to talk to Irfan earlier but recently Nargis was not picking up Irfan’s phone. Irfan was getting angry on this. Nargis came to the park with a friend. After the incident, Nargis’s family members are in shock. The police said that the accused Irfan has committed the incident at 12 noon today.

Nargis was a student of Kamala Nehru College. She has completed her graduation this year. She wanted to do a government job. According to relatives, she wanted to stand on her feet. She wanted to be a steno. For this she was also attending the coaching classes in Malviya Nagar area.

The police have taken possession of Nargis’ body and sent it for post-mortem. As soon as the family members of Nargis came to know about the incident, they started crying. According to the family, Nargis was very good in studies. The police are interrogating the friend with whom Nargis had come to the park. The police have also scanned the footage of the nearby CCTV cameras.







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