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Migrant worker arrested in Bengaluru for killing woman after rape attempt

A migrant worker from Odisha has been arrested in Bengaluru for attempting to rape a woman and then killing her, police said on Saturday. The police identified the 21-year-old victims as as Mahananda, a resident of Laxmisagar locality, while the accused was named as Krishnachand Seti.

Mahananda, who originally hailed from Kalaburagi and worked at a petrol bunk in Laxmisagar, was found dead in front of her house on Friday.She lived with her sister who also worked at the same petrol bunk. The accused lived in the neighboring house and worked as a security guard in the tech park.

According to the police, Mahananda did not go to work on Thursday and remained at home.Later in the night when she came out of the house briefly, the accused who was eyeing her movement, dragged her into his house and attempted to rape  her.

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The victim resisted him and tried to scream seeking for help, but Krishnachand closed her mouth with one hand and strangled her with the other.

Mahananda died due to suffocation. The police said that after the murder, the accused wrapped the body in a bedsheet and kept it in the corner of his house. At about 5.30 a.m. the next day, he had dumped the body in front of her house.

Later, when people gathered, the accused had also stood among the crowd, expressing shock over the incident. The police however, suspected his role after he failing to give convincing answers in the preliminary questioning and confessed to the crime after being grilled.








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