Monday, September 28, 2020
Home Exclusive MIM’s protest a mere “Old Wives Tale” T-Govt.dwindling to shortest: Opposition

MIM’s protest a mere “Old Wives Tale” T-Govt.dwindling to shortest: Opposition

Terming the boycott of assembly session by MIM’s legislatures on the Covid-19 issue as ‘Old Wives Tale’, the Congress party said, “It would perceive more meaningful if they do register their protest against non-implementation of 12 percent reservation for Muslims, judicial powers to Wakf board besides demolition of two Mosques in the state secretariat. Only laymen people would let themselves be deluded into such deceptive rhetoric.”

“Draining out house time on such bootless issues would serve no purpose. Instead, robs the community with the opportunities to bring important concerns before the government and made it them to address. They tried to raise the cool-blooded issues with insensitive chatters to allow the government to go cash on the subject leaving behind the core issues of community interest like protection of wakf land and mosques being targeted in the name of road widening etc.” said, Osman Mohammed Khan, congress leader.

“They won’t dare to raise sincere issues of the community that involved proper education, employment, and other opportunities to survive and prosper. Fearing that it would attract the umbrage of KCR or KTR and would force them to buckled under, they only prefer issues of no use to divert the community’s attention and give count on playing gimmicks for personal mileage,” he asserted.

“With launching just two ambulances, that too on the death of the lockdown, they are claiming full credit from the community for no purpose. What right do they have to claim such credit when all their leaders went underground thought out the period of lockdown pushing the poor community into despair. The pain and agony the community people went through during the lockdown and the sufferings into the hands of police and the hospital managements during the pandemic are enough to prove their “work and their identity,” he rued.

Arguing that the days of present Telangana Government are dwindling to the shortest, the Spokesperson of Majlis Bachao Tahreek (MBT) Amjedullah Khan, said, “The government has failed to transform the state into a progressive economy as the state is presently toting under the debt of nearly 2.3 lakh crores, a stagflation situation with slowing growth, increasing debt’s and yawning deficit earning her a moniker of the failed welfare state.”

Merely, he said, showcasing welfare schemes sans any reflection of development on the ground is something like leaving in false pride. KCR  government has failed to fight with the corona pandemic where the common man ended up paying through the nose for treatment in corporate hospitals while no punitive action was taken against their managements as much of them were owned by TRS leaders.

“On the other hand, the state capital Hyderabad is making fast strides to become the biggest slum of the country. Even the Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MOUD) K.Tarakrama Rao has failed miserably to stave off from the tide of volatility,” added Amjadullah Khan.

“In a bit to overcome the failure, the KCR Government is now planning to liquidate government lands worth Rs.30000 crores while syndicate of realtors avariciously lined up before the TRS eyeing the piece of the pie which is against the very ethos of a Welfare State. Thus the democracy had become Kakistocracy in Telangana under KCR’s rule coupled with corruption and nepotism never heard before,” he lamented.