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Minister KT Rama Rao Calls for Unity in South India Against Unfair Lok Sabha Seat Delimitation

BRS working president and Minister KT Rama Rao has urged for concerted action by leaders and people from all South Indian states, regardless of political affiliation, to voice their disapproval of the perceived injustice of Lok Sabha seat delimitation beyond 2026. Rama Rao feels that the Southern States should not be penalised for efficiently implementing the Central Government’s population control plans.

The existing method of delimitation, according to Rama Rao, will unfairly deny the southern states of their rightful number of Lok Sabha seats. He believes it unjust and sad that progressive Southern states that have effectively implemented development policies would be given fewer seats. Northern states, on the other hand, have been unable to limit population despite repeated appeals from the central government.

Rama Rao is concerned about the irony of the situation, in which states that did not follow the Center’s decision on population control will reap the benefits. He considers this to be a tragedy and a travesty, especially given that the Southern states have been the strongest performers in numerous areas since independence.

Rama Rao emphasises the achievements of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana in population control and their contributions to the national economy, noting that the Southern States contribute 35% of India’s GDP despite having only 18% of the population.

Rama Rao is adamant that the Southern States, which are proud contributors to the nation’s economy and progress, should not be jeopardised by an erroneous approach to Lok Sabha delimitation. He advocates for the protection of their rights and a fair and just delimitation process.



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