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Missile misfires hit an Egyptian town

At least six people were injured after a misfired missile hit the Egyptian resort town of Taba on Friday, officials confirmed. The area which came under attack is located some 130 km from the Gaza Strip.

According to information, the blast was related to the ongoing fighting in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) denied that it had misfired any missile into the Egyptian territory. Colonel (Rtd) Yitchak Bar Shabby of the Israel army told IANS that it was likely to have been fired by Hamas.

He however did not rule out the involvement of the Iran-backed Houthi militia. The Israeli military confirmed that it was aware of such an attack outside of its border.

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On October 22, several Egyptian border guards were injured after they were hit by fragments of a shell launched from an Israeli tank. Israel had apologized for the accident. Egypt has been playing an active role in negotiations for getting aid to the Palestinians and mediation for hostage release.

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