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Modi-Yogi political debate, driver crushes groom’s uncle with bolero in anger

Shocking news has been received from Mirzapur, a bolero driver killed the groom’s uncle in Mahokhar village of Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. According to the details, during the political debate about Modi-Yogi, the special-class driver got angry and crushed the groom’s uncle with the car.

Angered by this incident, the villagers blocked the Mirzapur Prayag Raj highway by keeping the dead body. The CO arrived at the information about the jam and explained to the relatives and villagers and extinguished it, but the relatives did not obey. However, on the insistence of ADM and ASP, the relatives agreed and opened the jam.

The incident took place near Mahokhar village in the Vindhyachal police station area. Deceased Rajeshdhar Dubey, a resident of Kolahi village, had gone to Mirzapur for the marriage of his brother Rakesh Dhar Dubey’s son.

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They were returning from the wedding in the morning. Five people were sitting in the Bolero car. Some processions got down on the way. Meanwhile, a political argument broke out between the special class driver and the deceased Rajesh Dhar Dubey in the vehicle in the name of Modi-Yogi, due to which the angry special class driver flagged down Rajesh Dhar Dubey.

Rajesh Dhar Dubey then said that he would not let him go, after which the driver dragged the vehicle to some distance and escaped from the spot. Critically, Rajesh Dhar Dubey died on the spot. When the villagers and relatives came to know about this, they rushed to the spot. The angry villagers blocked the Mirzapur-Priyagaraj road by keeping the dead body. The angry relatives called the DM-SP and started demanding the arrest of the accused driver.

CO Parmanand Kushwaha, who reached the spot, spent hours trying to explain to the villagers and the families and assured them of action, but the families did not agree. As soon as the information was received, Additional District Magistrate Shiv Pratap Shukla and Additional Superintendent of Police Shrikant Prajapati reached the spot.

After assuring the family, taking a letter, and assuring them of the action, only then the blockade was opened. At present, the police have registered a case against the driver on the complaint of the relatives and have taken the body into custody and sent it for post-mortem.





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