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Mother’s Day celebration: Breastfeeding cabins opened at Delhi zoo

In a unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day Cabins for breastfeeding were opened at the National Zoological Park in Delhi today.

The move was part of the popular park’s efforts to help the visitors enjoy their outing, zoo director Renu Singh said.

It will allow lactating mothers feed their children without any hindrance.

“I once spotted a woman sitting outside the zoo under the scorching sun to feed her baby. She was visibly upset with the gaze of passersby,” Singh said.

The zoo authorities earlier set up pram services for those visiting the zoo with infants and toddlers. Around 10 prams are available at the main gate of the zoo and the visitors can use them free of cost. , Delhi Zoo will open a room solely dedicated to breastfeeding mothers, as seen in airports.

This comes after free perambulator service was started by National Zoological Park authorities in August’17.

Both these steps were taken after the zoo got its first female director, Renu Singh, who’s implementing ways to attract more woman visitors.