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Murder of Muslims, withdraw 25000 from partner’s ATM, shooter Constable Chetan Singh Chaudhary a habitual criminal

Constable Chetan Singh Chaudhary, who shot dead three Muslim passengers and one of his colleagues on the Jaipur-Mumbai train, has a long history of crime. In the July 31 incident, he killed three Muslim passengers in three different coaches. After the firing, Chaudhary had reportedly said to vote for ‘Modi-Yogi’. It was later claimed that he was suffering from a mental illness. Now it is known that he is a “habitual criminal”. Three cases are already pending against him.

On August 14, the RPF Senior Divisional Security Commissioner of Mumbai Central dismissed shooter Chetan Singh. He shot one ASI Takaram Meena and three passengers Abdul Qadir Muhammad Hussain Bhanupurwala, Syed Saifuddin, and Asghar Abbas Sheikh in a moving train. All died on the spot. The matter is under investigation. Meanwhile, a report said investigations are already underway in three cases, including a ‘hate case’ against the accused constable.

Criminal history

The report has quoted sources as saying that in all three cases, Chaudhary has faced departmental action. In 2017, Chetan Singh was appointed to the RPG Dog squad. He was off duty and walking around in civilian dress when he unintentionally caught a man named Wahid Khan. Chowdhury tortured him. attacked him. When his senior came to know about this crime, he ordered an inquiry against him and he was also punished for this act.

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There is also a theft case against Chaudhry. In 2011, when he was posted in Jagadhari, Haryana, he withdrew Rs 25,000 from the account of a colleague. He took his colleague’s ATM card without permission and withdrew money. In the third case, Chaudhary assaulted one of his associates. After that, he was posted in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. After this case, he was transferred to another department.

On July 31, Constable Chetan Singh Chaudhary opened fire on the Jaipur-Mumbai Central Super Fast Express train, killing four people, including three Muslims. Earlier, he forced a Muslim woman to say ‘Jai Mata Di’ at gunpoint. The entire matter was recorded on the CCTV of the train. The woman was wearing a burqa, which probably identified her as a Muslim. After the train shooting incident, he has been fired and an investigation is underway.






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