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Music teacher, girl student found in compromising position, thrashed in Bihar

A music teacher and his student were thrashed by villagers after they were found in a compromising position in Bihar’s Begusarai district, an official said.

Begusarai SP Yogendra Kumar has initiated an inquiry into this incident and directed the SDPO rank officer to arrest the accused. The incident occurred on Thursday night at Pathkaula village under Tegra police station in the district.

“We received a video on Friday where people were thrashing them after tearing their clothes. The villagers claimed that they had caught them red-handed
in an objectionable position. We have directed the area SDPO to investigate the incident and arrest the accused,” Kumar said.

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The victim has been identified as Kishan Dev Chaurasia (45) and a 20-year-old girl. Chaurasia is a music teacher who plays harmonium in religious (Bhajan Kirtan) programs in the district and also gives tuition to youngsters.

The villagers claimed that they were caught in a compromising position. The accused tore their clothes and thrashed them. The people present there made a video of the incident and uploaded it on social media. As per the video, one of the accused was wearing a saffron color turban on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Arvind Kumar Singh sharply reacted to this incident and said: “Tejashwi Yadav is saying that Rahul Gandhi visited Manipur, I want to ask Tejashwi Yadav to appeal to him to visit Begusarai as well. The law and order situation has deteriorated in Bihar. It is similar to West Bengal. The situation is alarming here.”







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