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Muslim scholars stress for upgrading Madrasas for focused education

Reacting over the backwardness, poverty and penury that grips the Muslim community in India, Moulana Muhammed Aijaz Urfi Qasmi, the national President All India Ulma-e-Haq, reportedly said “Muslim ruled the world as long as they found pioneering the field of Education. However, setting at naught the importance of education has pushed them to a situation worse than the Dalit community.”

Moulana Muhammed Aijaz Urfi Qasmi was addressing the “Literacy Awareness Conference ” held at Madrasa Jamia Muhammadia Dawat-ul-Quran, Ghaziabad in Delhi.

Moulana Qasmi’s assertion gained prominence at a time when the governments in BJP ruled states especially the Assam government is trying to target and plan extensively to ban the Madrasas, blaming that these institutions are imparting sub-standard education to the students. This was claimed by the Chief Minister Hemantha Biswa Sarma in his recent statement wherein he boastfully said that his government in Assam is contemplating to ban all the madrasas in the state.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Uttar Pradesh government led by Yogi Adityanath and Madhya Pradesh Government led by Shiraj Singh Chouhan has already initiated a survey of madrasas in the name of scrutinizing the nature of curriculum being taught to the students in these institutions.

While reminding that education is key to all successes,” Moulana Qasmi further said, “Muslims are living in despair and distress today because they lose the key called education, considered essential for a prosperous life and wellbeing.

Today, he said, Muslims need to focus primarily on education and to achieve the same they should establish schools and institutions to the maximum. “There is no dearth of financial resources among the Muslims but the issue is about the priorities they choose for themselves. The wind of prosperity begins to blow in their favour again if they include education and educational institutions in their priorities,” he maintained.

Moulana Qasmi raises the point of proper training which is extremely lacking in educational institutions run under the Muslim managements. The management of the institutions should focus on upgrading the system to help the passing out students become a matchless uniqueness of these institutions in future.