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Muslim Vote impact in Telangana Elections

As the Telangana Assembly elections approach, Muslim Vote impact in the state is growing, particularly in over 25 constituencies outside of Hyderabad’s seven AIMIM-represented seats.

Muslims contributed considerable support to the BRS in various constituencies during the 2018 elections, contributing considerably to the party’s triumph. After the creation of the Telangana state, AIMIM’s ties with the BRS impacted this partnership.

However, the state’s current political environment has seen the Congress party start a campaign implying that the BJP, BRS, and AIMIM are all fundamentally the same. This advertising appears to be resonating with Muslim voters.

Initially, AIMIM intended to run in every constituency where Muslims had sway, not simply the old city. According to reports, they planned to run throughout the state in areas where the Muslim population topped 20%. But AIMIM chose to fight just nine seats after conversations with the ruling BRS party and guarantees from their leaders.

These nine seats have caused controversy. AIMIM refused tickets to two current MLAs, including Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, the MLA for Charminar, who is allegedly displeased with AIMIM’s actions. This has allowed other parties, like as the Congress, to encourage him to run on their behalf, potentially challenging AIMIM’s dominance.

The Congress party has fielded Feroz Khan in the Nampally seat, which has been held by AIMIM since 2009. In the middle of this political fight, AIMIM is hoping to keep their MLA in Bahadurpura, although there are signs of a struggle there as well.

Charminar, Bahadurpura, Yakutpura, Chandrayangutta, Malakpet, Karwan, and Nampally, among others, are seats with sizable Muslim voter populations.

The Muslim electorate has sway in many other areas where a sizable proportion of the population follows the faith. As a result, Muslim voters have emerged as a critical group that political parties are eager to recruit.

As the election date approaches, the attention will shift to whether candidates and parties will be able to gain the crucial Muslim vote in these critical seats.

Muslim Voter in Selected Constituencies are :

  • Constituencies Voters
  • Jubilee Hills 1,17,972
  • Rajendra Nagar 1,32,926
  • Khairtabad 63,873
  • Sherlingampally 64,190
  • Qutbullapur 64,034
  • Musheerabad 54,825
  • Amberpet 48,563
  • Secunderabad 40,587
  • Sanathnagar 35,317
  • Cantonment 25,435
  • Nizamabad Urban 1,10,347
  • Bodhan 57,599
  • Mudhole 32,767
  • Mahabubnagar 50,996
  • Adilabad 40,880
  • Warangal East 34,186
  • Nirmal 38,643
  • Bhanswada 30,530
  • Karimnagar 60,075
  • Zaheerabad 57,189
  • Vikarabad 31,866
  • Khanapur 12,445
  • Kama Reddy 27,622
  • Khammam 38,464
  • Maheshwaram 67,054
  • LB Nagar 29,953
  • Sangareddy 44,716
  • Tandur 37,933
  • Gosha Mahal 58465

These figures highlight the strategic importance of gaining the support of Muslim vote in the State’s approaching elections.

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