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Muslim woman marries Bajrang Dal activist; Hindutva brigade celebrates ‘reverse love jihad’

Hindutva activists in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district on Friday celebrated the marriage of a Muslim woman to a Bajrang Dal activist. The Hindutva activists from Surathkal town in Dakshina Kannada posted messages on social media claiming that “Ayesha has become Akshatha”.

They also shared a photograph of the couple on social media, in which they could be seen dressed in traditional Hindu attire. This incident is likely to stir controversy in the communally-sensitive region. The couple is expected to appear before the Surathkal police station on Friday evening.

As per reports, Prashanth Bhandari, a Bajrang Dal activist, has married Ayesha, a local girl. Both live in the same locality and have been in a relationship for the past three years.

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On November 30, Prashanth sought permission from Ayesha’s mother to marry her daughter, to which she had insisted that she would decide after consulting her family members. The same evening, the couple had disappeared following which Ayesha’s parents had filed a police complaint.

Prashanth is reportedly a history sheeter who had earlier been booked at the Surathkal police station.

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