Friday, September 25, 2020
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Muslims form human chain to protect temple from rioters

Amid the rising tensions in Karnataka’s capital city Bengaluru over an offensive Facebook post about Prophet Mohammed, a true example of humanity was set when Muslims formed a human chain around a temple to protect it from the angry mob that has evoked violence across the city.

In regards to this, a video has got viral on social media which shows a group of Muslims forming a human chain, surrounding the temple at Pulakeshinagar. Many others can be seen directing the rest to stay prepared for the incoming rampage from the rage-filled mob disputing against the derogatory post.

People can be heard requesting angry protestors to remain elusive of any violence, asking them to not come near the temple, “For God’s sake, please stay away from here.”

Pulakeshinagar’s two localities, D.J Halli and K.G Halli in Bengaluru witnessed the repercussions of the anguish of the mob as it went ahead to destroy properties and create violence in its fight against the comments posted by P. Naveen, nephew of Pulakeshinagar MLA AkhandaSrinivasa Murthy of the Congress.

When the Bengaluru police got to their feet to control the grim situation, three people got killed and many suffered serious injuries as they fired bullets to stop the violence.

One of the people who held hands to form the human chain said, “We have formed this chain to show how we are here for all, but again we do not accept those who are trying to force RSS ideologies on people.”

“We all live as brothers and sisters. We do not have anything against any religion. We are not fighting against any individual or any caste or community. We are only seeking justice as the nephew of MLA Srinivas Murthy has insulted our Nabi (Prophet Mohammed). We can not tolerate that.”

He further said, “This has happened several times earlier. We respect this temple, we respect Hindus. But we are fighting against those who have extremist views against us.”

As over 600 people had participated in the riots, it is worth noting that a lot more than that number criticized and spoke against the move. They said that while the post was wrong, the retaliatory methods adopted were wrong too.

Speaking about the gravity of the incident and how the post insulted the Messenger of Islam, a local vendor named Yasir said, “It (the post) hurt our sentiments, but we condemn those who resorted to burning vehicles and attacking others.” He owns a grocery store in the D.J Halli area.

P.Naveen, the prime accused has been arrested, the cops said. As for the protests, around 160 people have been detained.

Rizwan Arshad, MLA of Shivajinagar, which is adjacent to Pulakeshinagar, told ThePrint he was proud to see such acts of kindness.

“We are so proud of our brothers, who think of such acts of kindness even during such testing times. They told me that they stand for peace and unity, and they will try and ensure such incidents do not recur,” he added.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, through a tweet, said that the violent protestors shouldn’t be termed parallel with the whole community as the work done by a part of them cannot be rubbed on the rest.

“Those who incited and perpetrated the #bangaloreriots must be found, arrested & given exemplary punishment. But they are not to be equated with an entire community any more than thugs & vigilantes represent all Hindus. This also happened in Bangalore.”