Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Muslims rile against Centres’ order prohibiting sacrifice of animals

Creating disquiet yet again among the Muslims merely few days ahead of Eid-ul-Adha, a notification has been issued by the Animal Welfare Board run under the supervision of centre government allegedly restricting slaughter of animals even in houses especially.

The order, which was said to have been issued recently and published in different vernaculars especially in Delhi has clearly said that slaughter of animals will neither be allowed in houses nor in the open. Unlike the order released earlier prohibiting slaughtering of cattle in open and was largely followed by the Muslims mainly in the North India states, the fresh order banning slaughtering of animals in houses left Muslims completely baffled and aggrieved as the festival of Eid-ul-Adha is around the corner.

Earlier, when contacted, the Minister of Minority Affair Mukthar Abbas Naqvi out rightly denied the report stating that no such order was issued from the Central Government. However, when the Animal Welfare Board was contacted by a scribe from Urdu media, they affirmed that the order is from the central government. “The order issued by the Animal Welfare Board runs under the supervision of the central government. We neither allow the sacrifice of animals in the open nor in the houses of individuals. It is completely prohibited and the order is solely confined to the Eid-ul-Adha festival,” they said.

When asked where the sacrifice of animals can be performed during the festival, the authorities responded saying “Slaughter houses are there to perform the same as they meant for such activities.” When the similar question was raised with the Minister of Minority Affair Mukthar Abbas Naqvi, who earlier denied any such order, has now come up openly with the same ad nauseam that “What is the worth of having slaughter houses. The sacrifices can be performed in these facilities meant for slaughtering the animals.

However, according to a report, the slaughterhouses located in the Ghazipur area of Delhi remained closed for three weeks. Meanwhile, disquiet was seen spreading among the Muslim community especially in Delhi as they are unhappy with the way the order has been issued only few days ahead of the Eid-ul-adha without making any alternate arrangement for them to perform religious rights.